Editorial Services

Are you struggling to write your own memoir or nonfiction book? Trying your hand at a book proposal? Interested in making your academic writing appeal to a broader audience? I can help.

In addition to writing two bestselling, critically-acclaimed books, I have taught memoir and narrative nonfiction for over a decade – to beginning writers and MFA students alike – and have helped dozens of clients put their stories on the page.  My approach was featured in The Autobiographer's Handbook: The 826 National Guide to Writing Your Memoir. I also review books for the New York Times Book Review.

In other words, unlike many book editors who have never published a book of narrative nonfiction or taught the subject, I am very well versed in this genre.

How I work:

You send me your manuscript and I evaluate it for structure, story arc, character development, pacing, clarity and more. I’ll mark it up with notes and line edits, then write a detailed “editorial letter” analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggesting ways to improve your work.

After I send you feedback, we’ll discuss your work – in person or by phone – and the next steps you should take.

Please email me for more details or an estimate. 

MORE Client reviews

"I took an 8-wk Memoir Class with Julia Scheeres.  Julia is a wonderful teacher who knows how to balance critical reading, group discussion, and give thoughtful, constructive feedback.  Julia also happens to be a NY times best-selling author! I would highly recommend taking any class she teaches!" Angelissa R.

"It's not everyday you get to take a memoir writing class from a New York Times bestselling memoir writer! That's what I got in my 8-week memoir class with Julia Scheeres, who created a warm and rigorous environment in which to bring our memoir each week. I was impressed with the quality of the feedback and the caliber of the other students." E.F.

"I took Julia Scheeres' 8-week Memoir and Creative Non-fiction Class. Julia did an excellent job of creating a safe space for us to share our work. Her feedback and that of the other students was extremely helpful to knowing how to improve my writing. After taking the class I feel more confident and inspired to continue working on my first memoir." Teryll H.

"Julia Scheeres Memoir class is also excellent. I feel so lucky to have found this great place!" Eileen B.

"Taking Julia Scheeres Memoir class has helped me tremendously in understanding what elements are essential for an outstanding memoir.  She has helped me sharpen my voice and structure my memoir in a way that keeps the reader coming back for more.  I am happy in how my memoir is unfolding and the creative and insightful voice I have found in the class.  I really appreciate Julia and her expertise in the craft of memoir, her insights, and her high spirits in guiding the individual works of  each person in the class.  I also found her advice on how to write a memoir proposal to be extremely effective and helpful.  I would definitely recommend her to any aspiring memoirist, or even a seasoned writer who almost has a completed work, but is looking to receive an expert's feedback and add the finishing touches." Chris S.

"I keep returning to Julia Scheeres' memoir classes. For me, a beginning memoir writer, Julia is the perfect balance of encouraging support about the importance of writing my story and what I have done well, and matter-of-fact honesty about what needs to be cut and what needs to be shown and not told.  She creates a congenial and respectful atmosphere in her classes that brings out everyone's best work, and everyone's best attitude towards each others' work. Whether we are writing about big traumas or everyday joyful, painful, or humorous events, and whether we are new or experienced writers, she is able to highlight the gem in the writing, and gently point out what would make it even better. She seems less like the famous and successful writer that she is and more like a caring, unassuming, and knowledgable friend with a lot of really good advice. I now have her gentle voice in my head guiding me towards what to leave out and what to dwell on to move my story forward.  I enthusiastically recommend her classes to writers of all levels." Carolyn A.

Client reviews

"I had a memoir idea in mind for two years but didn't sit down to write a word of it until I took Julia's class at the Grotto. With her expert feedback and excellent breakdown of the elements needed to craft a coherent memoir, I was able to finally begin piecing my story together. Julia was so helpful and encouraging. I probably wouldn't have gotten my book off the ground without her."
Robin Rinaldi, author of The Wild Oat Project (2015, Sarah Crichton Books / Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

"Julia is wise and experienced and I am grateful I hired her to edit my book. Julia's feedback was instrumental in polishing my manuscript, and as a result of her help, I found a publisher who loved my book."
Karen Lynch, author of  Good Cop, Bad Daughter