Here's a cute shot of David as a tyke, shortly after his adoption.

Here's a lovely shot of him as a young man of 17, during a soccer game at Escuela Caribe.

I wish you could have met my brother. He was an amazing person.

The coolest thing about publishing Jesus Land is that there will now be a permanent record of his life. David Scheeres existed.

Far too few people knew him while he was alive, and nobody knew him as well as I did. I envision this book as a tribute to him, both a celebration and a vindication of his life. Check out Supporting Docs for a couple of pages I scanned from his green notebook.


    the color blue, cookies, any kind
    ping pong, chess
    Purdue Boilermakers
    Flock of Seagulls, "Our House" by Madness


    the song "Paper Roses" or any other twangy country music
    shoveling snow